The hair dryer can not only dry the hair, but also blow out the style you like. For some women who love beauty, you can use the hair dryer to blow curly hair and other styles in leisure time. Of course, you must have a good hair dryer. To be honest, I used it before. They are relatively ordinary hair dryers, and the price is very cheap. The disadvantage is that such hair dryers hurt the hair. What I want to introduce to you today is hair dryer for curly hair, how do I buy a good hair dryer?

Hair dryer for curly hair, you must choose super good quality, even if it is more expensive. I have a deep understanding of this. I grew up with yellow and thin hair, and the hair quality is not very good. I dare not use a best hair dryer because most Ordinary hair dryers will hurt your hair a bit. Last week, I took this company’s hair dryer home for a week and tried it out. It worked really well and didn’t hurt my hair. Curly hair is not so good because of burns, so it is necessary to choose a more expensive and better quality hair dryer. Especially office workers, who are usually busy with work, only have time to wash their hair at night, and they need good quality hair dryers. Hair dryer for curly hair? I recommend MOOSOO High Speed ​​Professional Hair Dryer Fast Drying MH10. This is our latest new product and the hair dryer price is very low. There is a 15% discount on purchase now and the price is very affordable.



Let’s introduce MOOSOO High Speed ​​Professional Hair Dryer Fast Drying MH10 in detail below.

MOOSOO  Hair Dryer Fast Drying MH10


✓『Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer』

✓『Negative Ions & Bio ceramic Hair care』

✓『Smart Temperature Control』

✓『Portable design』

Features and Benefits

✔『Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer』:

MH-10 hair dryer adopts air pressure doubling technology, which can dry hair quickly without damaging it.

✔『Portable design』:

Integrated handle designed according to the ergonomics which is easy to grasp. Double magnetic suction nozzle, 360°rotation, easy access

✔『Smart Temperature Control 』:

High speed, medium speed, low speed. /cold air, warm air, hot air. /cool and hot alternated air.

✔『Powerful Airflow』:

100000 revolutions per minute, digital motor, 15L/sec, strong pressurized airflow.

✔『What You Get』:

MOOSOO MH10 Ionic Hair Dryer, power adapter, user manual, ☎24-month warranty and MOOSOO 7*24 customer service

Customer Reviews

Kenneth anderson Verified:

Worth the money. My curly and frizzy hair is dry in 10mins and is so smooth. My last dyson is much expensive.So I think this MOOSOO portable hair dryer worths every penny!


Lisa Bryer Verified:

Very smooth touch and light weight, i can't believe how my hair felt & looked after i finish blowing drying it! So bouncy soft & silky feeling! I have to buy one more for my best girlfrend.

Scott bores Verified:

This is truly the best blow dryer! Not only can I dry my hair in 5 minutes, it feels softer, and shinier, and the heat is far less intense than the drug store blow dryer I had previously used. I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a high-end dryer.

KarenVanHolland Verified:

This is a great dryer for the price! I have curly hair that I often straighten. Normally, when I blow dry my hair, it ends up looking like a lions mane. With the straightening attachment on this one, my hair was smooth and STRAIGHT ! It's not too loud, and kinda cool looking!

So how to choose a good hair dryer?

If you are looking for a new hair dryer, or provide it as a gift, make sure to buy the perfect product that meets your needs. There are 5 mainstream types of hair dryers: traditional, ion, ceramic, tourmaline, and nano silver.

Traditional hair dryers are often more expensive and can be purchased anywhere, such as supermarkets and department stores. These hair dryers are difficult to keep your hair in good condition, and may cause the hair to burn. If you can, choose a negative ion hair dryer. This product can make water droplets smaller, which means that the hair is more likely to dry and can reduce the damage to the hair by heat. In addition, some of the tiny water droplets themselves can be absorbed by the hair, which helps to hydrate the hair, make it glow, smoother and stay healthy. Ceramic, tourmaline and nano silver hair dryers all use negative ions, so they are better than traditional hair dryers.

Maybe you know which brand you like and what features you want. This will help narrow the choices. Hair length, style and condition are also factors that should be considered when choosing a new hair dryer. The hair dryer used for short hair that is not often cleaned is definitely different from the hair dryer used for long hair that needs to be cleaned frequently. Maybe you also need to change hairstyles and different styles frequently.

Regardless of the length of your hair, or whether you need to change hair frequently, you need a good hair dryer. It is necessary to take some time to do some research. Our MOOSOO hair dryer is suitable for people with all hair types. After personal evaluation by our employees and consumers, it is really good and worth choosing. If the quality of the hair dryer you have used before is not very good, there will be various problems, you can try our new product, I believe you will like it after using it. Many employees of our MOOSOO hair dryer think it's good, and they even buy it home for their parents and friends. Many customers buy back to send to colleagues, friends and family.

Finally, let's understand what are the precautions for using a hair dryer?

Keeping your distance from anything

Whether it's blowing your hair, or blowing your body after a shower, or blowing some damp clothes, socks, hats, shoes or other items, be sure to keep a good distance. When blowing the hair, if the distance is too close, it is easy to scorch the hair. When blowing the body too close, it will directly burn the body. Blowing the object too close can easily cause the object to burn. Therefore, when using a hair dryer , Must not be too close, it is really easy to appear dangerous.

MOOSOO Hair Dryer  MH10

Keeping dry when using

When using the hair dryer for women, you must keep your hands dry. Once the hair dryer leaks electricity, it is easy to get an electric shock if your hands are wet. When using the hair dryer, do not use the hair dryer in the bathroom, nor in the bath, let alone blow your hair with the hair dryer while showering. This will cause a high risk of electric shock, and it will also cause a short circuit of the hair dryer, which is directly caused. The hair dryer is damaged.


Keeping the hair dryer open

When using a hair dryer, the air inlet or outlet of the hair dryer must be kept unblocked and must not be blocked. Once I put a small electric hair dryer specially used for blowing shoes directly into the shoes. Both ends of the hair dryer were in the shoes. In less than a minute, I smelled a very strong smell of burning wires and wanted to pull it out quickly. I turned off the plug of the hair dryer, but I heard a prickling sound coming from the hair dryer. Later I opened the hair dryer and found that the wires inside were burnt. So, everyone, this is a very dangerous behavior. Don't do it.

Do not blow on one part for more than one minute

Whether you are blowing your hair, your body, or all kinds of objects, don't blow on one position for a long time. Blow your hair to a position for more than a minute, and you will feel the pain of being burned on your scalp. I heard that if the hair dryer is blown on the bed sheet with increased power for four minutes, the bed sheet will spontaneously ignite. Although I have not done this dangerous experiment, every time I use an electric wind to blow some wet socks, once the time is longer, Wet socks have a feeling of being fished out of the hot water, so let alone dry sheets? So everyone, when using the hair dryer, aim at a position and blow it for no more than one minute.

The hair dryer must be completely turned off when not in use

For example, when we were blowing our hair with a hair dryer, we suddenly heard the phone ringing in another room. At this time, a habit of many people is to put the hair dryer on anything, such as a bed, a table, or a sofa. Then quickly go to another room to answer the phone. At this time, you can guarantee that there will be no problems with the hair dryer when you answer the phone? If the hair dryer is still working, the chances of fire or other accidents are very high. So, as long as you don't use the hair dryer temporarily, turn off the hair dryer completely, even if you leave it for only five seconds.

Do not use it backwards when blowing your hair

When it was still spring, I still had shoulder-length hair. After washing my hair, I dried my hair with a hair dryer. I turned the hair dryer upside down and used the hair in front of my forehead. As a result, my hair was caught in a small strand. Fortunately, my fingers were right there. With the switch position of the hair dryer, turning off the hair dryer instantly does not present any danger. So I sincerely advise everyone, especially the long-haired girls, when blowing their hair, don't turn the hair dryer upside down and blow the hair in front of your forehead. It will really get caught.

Never allow a hair dryer to tease children

In July of the previous year, it was reported on the Internet that a mother was coaxing a seven-month-old baby to sleep with a hair dryer. As a result, ten minutes later, the child was severely scalded and his right lower limb was burnt. You can check it on the web. There are so many news like this, so you must keep in mind that you should never use the hair dryer as a toy for children to play with, and don't let the hair dryer be used by children at will.

Keeping the hair dryer properly

After using the hair dryer, if you accidentally get water on it, be sure to wipe it with a dry towel, wipe the air outlet, tidy up the air inlet or outlet, and clean up all hair or other foreign objects. Put it in the box and put it in a high place out of sunlight, away from humid environment.

Hair dryer for curly hair, this article introduces in detail the hair dryer suitable for curly hair and the precautions for using the hair dryer. Hope it helps you.