For vacuum cleaners, the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner filter is very important, not only affecting whether the vacuum cleaner can be used normally, but also related to the protection of the vacuum cleaner motor. This article will talk about the vacuum cleaner filter from the following three aspects.

  • The role of the vacuum cleaner filter
  • Cleaning method of vacuum cleaner filter
  • Precautions for cleaning the vacuum cleaner filter


The role of the vacuum cleaner filter

1. In order to prevent the tiny dust sucked into the vacuum cleaner from leaking to the outside, various filters are installed in the vacuum cleaner. For example: Panasonic's vacuum cleaner is equipped with at least 2-3 filters. In addition, cloth bags or paper bags also function as filters. These filters can prevent extremely tiny dust from damaging the motor, and at the same time can prevent the indoor air from being contaminated.

2. When the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the suction power will decrease due to the clogging of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction power from decreasing, the filter screen and the cloth bag should be cleaned regularly with water. After washing, dry it in a cool place before using it to restore the suction power. The basic wiring of a vacuum cleaner 1. The high-speed vacuum cleaner motor generally uses power of less than 1000 watts, so the heat generated by it is equivalent to that of an electric heating stove.

Vacuum cleaner filter

3. General vacuum cleaners are equipped with current fuse and "thermal protector", so even if the motor is overheated, the temperature rise can be detected in time, and the current to the motor can be temporarily cut off to prevent problems. It is also equipped with an "air flow protector", which acts when the suction nozzle is blocked and the air stops flowing, opens the emergency air suction port, and uses external cooling air to suppress the overheating of the host.



Cleaning method of vacuum cleaner filter

1. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is powered off.

2. Open the dust collection bin and gently pull out the air inlet filter.

3. Rinse the air inlet filter with clean water, and then dry it in a cool, ventilated place.

4. Take out the air filter from the back of the vacuum cleaner and clean the dust.

5. Finally, install the filter back to its original position.

vacuum cleaner filter


Precautions for cleaning the filter of the vacuum cleaner

1. Do not use rubbing, kneading, etc. when cleaning the filter to avoid damage to the filter.

2. The filter of the vacuum cleaner can only be dried in the shade. Do not use other methods to iron, blow or bake, which will easily cause the filter to deform.

3. Make sure that the filter is installed back to the original place to start the vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will cause the motor to malfunction.


The cleaning operation of the vacuum cleaner filter is relatively simple. It is best to clean and replace the filter regularly to ensure the dust collection effect of the vacuum cleaner. However, when it comes to the effect of vacuuming, of course the central dust removal is better and it is more convenient to use.