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how to choose a household vacuum cleaner in 2021

This article will deeply analyze how to choose a household vacuum cleaner, after reading how to learn how to choose a vacuum cleaneraccording to the needs of your home, and how to avoid pits and buy bad products.

Full text outline:

Basic knowledge of vacuum cleaner

1. Classification of vacuum cleaners

2. The source of suction

3. The solution of suction attenuation high efficiency dust separation system

4. A must see element for large houses battery life

5. Eliminate secondary pollution filter system

The experience of using the vacuum cleaner

1. Weight and center of gravity design

2. Folding lever arm

3. Suction and drag integrated

4. Anti tangle hair

5. Dust box removal and filter cleaning

Vacuum cleaner product recommendation

Basic knowledge of vacuum cleaner

Classification of vacuum cleaners

The best lightweight vacuum is mainly divided into two categories, wired and wireless.

Common wired vacuum cleaners are: industrial type, bucket type vacuum cleaner and household type, horizontal vacuum cleaner

Bucket vacuum cleaner: It is more suitable for car wash shops and new houses to renovate wasteland. Its characteristics are high power, strong suction, and relatively heavy, so it is very inappropriate for daily household use.

Horizontal vacuum cleaner: Compared with the barrel type, the volume is much smaller and the suction power is relatively strong. Although it is a wired design, the cable length is enough to meet the clean area of ​​most families, and the price is relatively cheap, so it is suitable for families with a lower budget and don't mind the wired design.

Wireless vacuum cleaners: the most common are household push rod vacuum cleaners and small hand-held vacuum cleaners. At present, the wireless push rod vacuum cleaners are the most commonly used in China.

Push rod vacuum cleaner: This type of product is the most popular type of product in the best household vacuum cleaner market at present. It is upgraded relatively quickly, and its lightness in design is more suitable for daily household cleaning. The price range is relatively large, and it can meet different needs.

In recent years, push rod vacuum cleaners have done better in product design and functionality, and there are also many cost-effective products.

Handheld vacuum cleaner: It is small in size and easy to use, but generally has a relatively small suction power. It is only suitable for cleaning the sofa, bed surface or car seat in the home. However, most push rod vacuum cleaners can be disassembled for handheld use.

Best handheld vacuum

It is only suitable for families who want to choose the horizontal + handheld combination, so the overall price is very cost-effective.

The source of suction

No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner, the most critical element we pursue is suction.

The greater the suction power, the easier it is for the dust on the ground to be sucked in. The larger the particles of the stolen goods are heavier, and the adhesion of the fine dust is stronger, so the large suction power will undoubtedly ensure the most basic and most due cleaning of the vacuum cleaner. The effect is what makes us choose a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom and mop.

The suction power of the cheap vacuum cleaner is generally expressed by the AW value, which represents the suction power of pneumatic power; it is also expressed by the numerical value in Kpa, which represents the vacuum suction power.


The two algorithms are different. The former is more suitable for expressing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, but in fact it depends on the actual ambient air condition during use. The suction power parameters of all products are tested in a standard indoor environment and are also used as reference. .

Generally speaking, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner for home is best to be 10Kpa or 100AW and above.


The motor of the vacuum cleaner directly determines the suction power in a sense. The motors used in vacuum cleaners are mainly brushed motors and brushless motors.

Best cordless handheld vacuum

The brush motor uses mechanical commutation, the magnetic pole does not move, and the coil rotates, using the principle of magnetic field to attract and repel the same sex to drive the motor to rotate; the brushless motor uses electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. The Hall element in the electronic device is used to sense the magnetic pole position, and the electronic circuit switches the direction of the current to generate magnetic force to drive the motor to rotate.

Compared with the two, brush motors have been developed for a long time, the technology is relatively mature, and the cost is lower. However, due to the short service life of the carbon brushes, the motor is prone to heat. The brushless motor has the advantages of fast speed, low noise and long service life. When applied to household vacuum products, it can bring stronger suction and longer service life, but at the same time, the cost is relatively higher.

In general, it is more recommended to consider bagless vacuum cleaner products with high-speed brushless motors when choosing, which not only has a large suction power and a better cleaning effect, but also saves the cost of subsequent maintenance to a large extent.


The solution of suction attenuation high efficiency dust separation system

If the motor determines the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, then the dust removal system of the vacuum cleaner determines the stability of the suction power.

In the process of using good household vacuum cleaners, we often encounter a very headache: after a long time of use, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner will be much lower than before.

This is because during long-term use, a large amount of dust accumulates inside the best household vacuum to block the filter, resulting in attenuation of the suction power. Don't underestimate the dust removal system of the vacuum cleaner. This is a key part of the long-term use effect.

If you want to get better suction stability, you need to choose a best household vacuums

 with a better dust separation system.

At present, the most efficient dust separation system adopts cyclone technology. Many vacuum cleaners are gradually adopting this technology. The promotion also emphasizes that their products are cyclones.

So what exactly is cyclone technology?

Cyclone technology is similar to the principle of tornadoes in nature. The centrifugal force of the rolled object is different due to its different mass. Large-mass objects will be thrown directly around the tornado, while small-mass objects will spiral up with the airflow.

And the brand that first applied this technology to the vacuum cleaner field was Dyson, which drives a cyclone inside the vacuum cleaner through a digital motor. When dust is sucked in, large debris will be directly thrown out of the cyclone center and enter the dust cup; The small dust continues to spiral upward, forming a small vortex in the smaller air duct at the top, and then being thrown out of the center of the cyclone into the dust cup; in this way, all the impurities will be left in the dust cup without causing the filter screen or even The blockage of the motor ensures that the internal passage of the vacuum cleaner is unblocked and the suction force is not attenuated for a long time.

Now that you know what a cyclone is, let’s briefly talk about a few cones.

The main advantage of a multi-cone cyclone is to create a cyclone with a faster rotation speed by reducing the diameter of the front end of the vertebral body. However, due to the limitation of the internal volume of the vacuum cleaner, it is generally difficult to achieve too many cones. Even some products have a dust removal system of more than 10 cones, but if the motor performance is not good enough, it will only greatly reduce the wind speed. On the contrary, no good dust separation effect can be achieved.

Therefore, if you want to pursue a good dust separation effect, you must have a combination of excellent performance motor and multi-cone cyclone technology to truly play a role.

A must see element for large houses battery life

The power supply of the battery pack is also a key factor affecting the performance of the household vacuum. In order to achieve a more ideal battery life, the use of lithium batteries is the minimum requirement.

At present, most of the wireless push rod vacuum cleaners use cylindrical lithium batteries, but now mainstream products are mainly high-power and high-suction conditions. The volume and structure of cylindrical lithium batteries also have certain restrictions, so that all of them currently The endurance performance of the vacuum cleaner in high-performance mode is very unsatisfactory.

The entire house of a large-sized family is cleaned. If the ground is cleaned frequently and the sanitary condition is good, use the normal mode, which can reach a battery life of more than 40 minutes, which can basically avoid the embarrassment that it can’t be maintained with a single charge or even a single cleaning.

However, if the sanitary condition is poor, if you want to use the high-performance mode for deep cleaning, you need an effective way to solve the battery life problem.

At present, there are mainly two suitable methods: the use of model aircraft-grade polymer batteries and the use of replaceable battery packs.

The former is to increase the energy supply of the battery itself, and the cost is higher; the latter is to replace two sets of batteries to increase the battery life, which is relatively troublesome to operate. However, these two are the choices of local tyrants, and such vacuum cleaners are generally more expensive.

Eliminate secondary pollution filter system

There are three main types of filtration systems for vacuum cleaners: dust bag filtration, water filtration, and dust cup filtration.

Dust bag filtration: It is often used in horizontal vacuum cleaners, and the filtration effect is very good, but the dust bag needs to be replaced frequently, and the use cost is high;

Dust cup filter: mainly used for cordless push rod vacuum cleaners. When dust accumulates, it can be poured out and cleaned, which is more convenient to use;

Water filtration: It is less used. On the one hand, it is not suitable for filtering larger debris. On the other hand, it is necessary to add water and clean each time it is used. The operation is more complicated and not time-saving and labor-saving.

The vacuum cleaner filter system is also very critical. It has two important functions: protecting the motor and ensuring clean exhaust air.

Take the most common dust cup filter as an example. Although the filter element is too fine and can get better filtering effect, it is not conducive to the full absorption of air by the motor, which will greatly reduce the performance; if the filter element is not fine enough, the performance of the dust separation system will cause dust. Clogged, the exhaust air is not clean enough.

Therefore, multi-cone cyclone technology + HEPA filter element is an ideal choice. Multi-layer filtration system can ensure the exhausted air is clean. It is recommended to choose a four-stage or above filtration system when purchasing.

The experience of using the vacuum cleaner

The basic knowledge of vacuum cleaners introduced in the previous article are several important factors that affect the performance of vacuum cleaners. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner product, in addition to excellent performance, is also very important to the good user experience brought by some cute designs, and sometimes it can be achieved. The effect of saving worry and effort is naturally the icing on the cake.

Weight and center of gravity design

Horizontal vacuum cleaners are relatively heavy and do not need to be operated by hand, so I will mainly talk about wireless push rod vacuum cleaners. In fact, most vacuum cleaners with better performance are generally heavier due to the limitations of the motor and the overall structure, like Dyson's products are basically above 1.5kg.

Since it is a handheld operation, the weight problem needs to be considered. Generally, boys use the problem is not big, but if the hostess who often does housework, it may be more difficult. You can try to choose a lighter model with a weight of about 1kg.

Folding lever arm

The bottom of the sofa or bed needs to be bent because it is inconvenient to clean. It is the most overlooked place when cleaning, and often accumulates a lot of dust. In fact, these places also need to be cleaned frequently.

The design of the folding lever arm can easily solve the problem of bending over. The 60cm area at the bottom of the sofa or bed can be cleaned. In actual use, you will find that this design can help you greatly reduce the number of bending over. Solve the pain points of these areas that are not easy to clean, and help you say goodbye to the accumulation of dust under the bed.

Suction and drag integrated

The combination of the two makes the vacuum cleaner bid farewell to the broom and the mop. Although the convenience of adding water for each use has been questioned, the way of sucking and mopping again does bring better cleaning results.

Although this type of product is all you need to use a suction head integrated with suction and drag when cleaning, but if you want to achieve a better cleaning effect, you can use a dry suction head to clean up the dust first, and then use the suction head with integrated suction and drag. Drag while sucking, so you can achieve a deeper cleaning effect.

Anti tangle hair

For families with serious hair loss or pets, choosing a best household vacuum for pet hair that can avoid hair entanglement undoubtedly solves a major pain point.

But what kind of vacuum cleaner can prevent hair entanglement? In addition to the large suction power, the more important thing depends on the design of the brush head:

Compared with the twisted tooth brush head of nylon hair + soft hair, the roller brush head of carbon fiber hair + soft hair is not easy to cause hair entanglement.

Once the former brush head has relatively long hair entangled in, it will not only affect the suction, but also increase the noise, and it is also very laborious to clean up. It is recommended to consider this soft velvet roller brush head when purchasing, which not only has hair prevention The winding effect also has a certain protective effect on the floor.

Dust box removal and filter cleaning

You must know that vacuum cleaners must be cleaned frequently. If they are just thrown aside after each use, the service life will be greatly reduced over time.

Therefore, the ease of cleaning of the dust box and filter material is also very important.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to consult the customer service to see if the dust box and filter element support disassembly and cleaning, especially the filter element. If it can be cleaned, it can greatly increase the service life of the vacuum cleaner and reduce the subsequent cost to a certain extent.

Vacuum cleaner product recommendation

Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner U26D


Run Time:50 minutes

Extreme Suction,Upgraded Cyclone System,strong suction. The all-metal oblique hole filter, cyclone separation, dust separation effect is also very good. The product quality is reliable and the cleaning effect is good.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair - X8


Run Time:15-30min

2021 MOOSOO New Upgrade,Upgraded LED Turbine Brush Head,High-efficiency HEPA Filtration System.Two suction modes to suit any task, on any floor type.

5-In-1 Multi-function Cordless Vacuum Cleaner M24


Run Time:30 minutes

250W Latest brushless motor,lightweight & multi versatile attachments.The Powerful multi-tasker brush head digs deep into the carpet removing ground-in dirt and pet hair

The above are some of the dry goods knowledge points about the purchase of vacuum cleaners and the more reliable product recommendations at various price points. I hope it will be helpful to you who are wondering how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

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