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Portable vacuum cleaners can help us complete different cleaning tasks during cleaning in our lives. It can also remove dust in small corners and dust in some household appliances. It is a commonly used cleaning product in our daily lives. This article will introduce portable vacuum cleaners from the following four aspects.

What is a portable vacuum cleaner

Analysis of the advantages of portable vacuum cleaners

Structure of portable vacuum cleaner

Precautions for the use of portable vacuum cleaners

What is a portable vacuum cleaner

The best portable vacuum cleaner is small in size and very convenient to carry and use. A household cleaning product between ordinary household vacuum cleaners and portable vacuum cleaners is more suitable for cleaning small spaces. It is mainly used for cleaning in the car, and also has a good effect on keyboards and electrical appliances. The disadvantage is that the power is small and the suction is not strong enough.

Analysis of the advantages of portable vacuum cleaners

Suitable for use in various occasions and environments. Walls, bookshelves, carpets, household appliances, floors, clothes, hair, household garbage, etc. can be easily cleaned; split design, easily disassembled, and takes up small space; power is turned on and flexible Convenient and easy to use; ergonomically designed handle, more in line with the body's movements when standing, 360-degree rotating head, no dead corners can be cleaned without bending over; removable and washable HEPE filter with a filtration rate of 99%, sterilization and mite removal, and air purification , Effectively avoid secondary pollution.

Portable vacuum cleaner for home

In fact, there are many places in the family house that cannot be cleaned with ordinary vacuum cleaners. The surface of electrical appliances, especially the tiny corners of the computer keyboard grid, must use a handheld vacuum cleaner to solve the dirt! Of course when choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner Try to consider choosing products of big brands. The quality is good and the reputation is high. In fact, the prices of many big brand products are not very high, and they are acceptable to consumers.

Structure of portable vacuum cleaner for home

1. Power part: Contains the motor and speed regulator of the small vacuum cleaner. The governor can be controlled by hand or machine. Hand-controlled type is generally air door adjustment, and machine-controlled type is power-type hand-held button or infrared adjustment

2. Filter system: Divided into dust bag, front filter, and rear filter. According to the different filter materials, it is divided into paper, cloth, SMS, and HEPA (HEPA high efficiency filter material).

3. Functional part: Including retractable line mechanism, dust full indicator, button or sliding switch.

Portable cordless vacuum cleaner

4. Protection measures: No dust bag protection, high vacuum protection, anti-interference protection (soft start), overheating protection, anti-static protection.

5. Accessories: handle and hose, take over, floor brush, flat suction, round brush, single bed brush, sofa suction, hook, strap.

Precautions for the use of portable vacuum cleaners

1. When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to block the suction port, otherwise it will cause the motor to overload and damage the motor.

2. When using the portable cordless vacuum, please be careful to install the dust filter bag to prevent dust from entering the motor room.

3. Please do not use a portable vacuum cleaner for home to suck up small particles such as cement, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc., otherwise it will cause the dust bag or filter of the vacuum cleaner to be blocked, and the motor will burn out.

4. When cleaning the portable handheld vacuum cleaner, please use a damp cloth with water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack or fade.

5. Please do not use a best portable vacuum to suck detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, wet dust, sewage, matches and other items.

6. Please do not place the portable handheld vacuum too close to fire sources and other high-temperature places.

7. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to absorb water and other liquids, and do not wash the vacuum cleaner with water.

8. When you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner and do not use the best portable vacuum, please unplug the power plug, do not pull the power cord.

9. After using the portable hand vacuum, wipe the vacuum cleaner and accessories clean with a damp cloth, and then dry them naturally in the air. The dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time. If it is not used temporarily, the dust bag should be washed with warm water and then dried naturally in the sun. The hair and paper scraps on the brush should also be removed.

10. Check the wear of the brush frequently. If it is found to be severely worn, it should be replaced.

11. Always check the various fixed parts of the vacuum cleaner. If there is any looseness, fasten it at any time.

12. The brushes on the vacuum cleaner motor are also easy to wear, so pay attention to sending them for repair and replacement

13. Always check the suction head and exhaust port to prevent clogging.

14. Protect the hose of the vacuum cleaner and don't press it too hard.

The above is an introduction to the relevant knowledge of portable vacuum cleaners, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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