Where is MOOSOO made?

JIMO Co., Ltd., which owns MOOSOO, is a Chinese company, but has established a branch in the United States to provide better products and services to American customers. The design is completed in the United States, and the technical development is jointly developed by the United States. Through the usage habits in the United States, the vacuum cleaner has been improved in terms of convenience and performance.

There are branches in the following locations in the United States.

Location: Hudson, USA, 560 Dahlia St, 80642

Preferential price is cheaper than the first version, more hoses are used, even in the absence of pipes, it can be more easily Some hoses are delivered. There are eight parts in total. Compared with other vacuum cleaners with the same performance and number of parts, its price is more than half cheaper. As an easy-to-buy product, it also has complete performance. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner that excels in terms of vacuum performance, operating time, and maintenance cost performance.

MooSoo K17 improved 2WAY wireless vacuum cleaner

Battery                      22.2V / 2200mA
Charging time                           4 hours
Charger input                       26.5V / 500mA
Continuous use time      30 minutes (low speed), 15 minutes (high speed)
Electric power                              200 watts
Suction                              17 kg
Air flow                               10dm³

Easy to store, wall-mounted and simultaneously charged

As a self-contained vacuum cleaner, can save living space. In addition, if the charging base is fixed with mounting screws, it can be charged while being mounted on the wall. This is a space-saving charging method. In addition, the product itself is very light (1.8 kg body), so it is easy to operate and can be cleaned on the wall.

MOOSOO vacuum cleaner K17

Maximum suction

Through the latest 200W brushless motor, it has a powerful suction of 17,000pa in power mode, so it is a vacuum cleaner that is good at cleaning dust and hair on carpets and carpets. In addition, gap nozzles can be installed to easily absorb pebbles and cat litter. The filter has the function of filtering garbage, so even if the garbage is accumulated, it can maintain the suction power.

The high-density filter

It can filter 99.9% of dust and pollen and discharge clean air. You can also rinse with water.

best cordless stick vacuum

2-in-1 nozzle

It can switch between flat nozzle and brush nozzle with one click. The flat nozzles are used to suck the sharp corners of the wall and the floor, and it is troublesome to replace each time when cleaning, so one-touch switching is very convenient.

About after-sales service

12 If there is a problem with the product within 12 months from the date of delivery, please contact MOOSOO's after-sales service to respond quickly. You can rest assured to buy.

Product warranty

Cautions when using the vacuum cleaner

If the filter, dust cup, pump head or pipes are blocked, the vacuum cleaner may get stuck and make noise. Therefore, after cleaning, the above parts must be properly cleaned. If the filtering conditions deteriorate, dust and other substances may enter the main unit.

If you will not use the vacuum cleaner for a long time, please remove the battery, because the battery is detachable to prevent the battery from deteriorating.

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