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Tips for cleaning pet hair with Mooso XL-618a 

If you're a pet owner it's likely you fight a losing, daily battle trying to get rid of pet hair. However, with clever cleaning hacks and a little know how, getting rid of pet hair can be done with ease. Like you can’t live without your pet, you also can’t live without their hair problems. If your home – and therefore, you – are forever covered in pet hair, you'll no doubt be looking for ways to get rid of it, especially if you're a house proud allergy sufferer as well as a pet owner. So, what are the best ways to get rid of pet hair? And how Moosoo K23 can easily resolve the pet hair issue for your home.

Here are some tips for get rid of pet hair:

“Treat your house with strong sunctioned product from Moosoo. be motivated.”


1) Grooming

If pet hair is piling up in drifts along your baseboards or swirling through your rooms like dust every time the air conditioner kicks on, then performing a little after-the-fact hair cleanup may not be enough to solve your pet hair problems. This is especially true when the seasons change and your pet's undercoat is adapting to warmer or cooler conditions. Your pet may be dropping hair like a nor'easter drops snow, and there's a good chance there's plenty more where that came from. Dead coat is hair that's still in your pet's soft undercoat but not attached to his skin. When your pet is a big shedder, there's probably quite a bit of "dead coat" ready to drop onto your floors and furniture every time your pet turns around, sits down or -- breathes. Think of it as tomorrow's vacuuming project in the making. There's good news and bad news here: The bad news is that some pets can shed copious amounts of undercoat hair in spring and fall (but you probably already know that). The good news is that regular grooming can liberate dead coat pretty easily before it becomes a housecleaning nightmare. Consider vacuuming your pet. Yes, you can vacuum the hair right off your pet. Your cat may take offence at the indignity, but some dogs actually like being vacuumed, especially if you introduce them to a vacuum cleaning routine when they're young. Moosoo Moosoo K23 has special sofa tool which can be also used for vacuuming your pet.

2)Use vacuum

If you have pets, you're no stranger to the wonders of vacuum cleaning. Some vacuums are more durable and better at removing pet hair than others, though. Suction is important, but so are factors like ease of use, belt endurance and agitator brush effectiveness. We understand the all needs the pet owners have and that’s why we created Moosoo K23 with strong suction and powerful brush system. To get the best performance from your current vacuum cleaner, change the bag often. In most conventional vacuums, the bag acts as the onboard filter. The unit functions less effectively when the bag is full. Keep the wand or agitator brushes clean, too. Pet hair can get tangled in the cleaning brushes of your vacuum, especially if your pet has long hair.


Renovating your house? If you’re a pet lover but driven crazy by pet hair mess, investing in surfaces that repel pet hair will make life much easier. That means swapping carpets for hard floors, velvet sofas for cotton or leather sofas, woollen bed throws (yes, we know they get up and sleep there) for cotton ones. It’s also easily to clean up from pet hair.

4) Hair-proof your home

If you want pets but are determined to keep your home a pet hair-free zone, try outfitting your rooms with furnishings that are naturally hair resistant. As you might guess, this includes products made with slick or anti-static materials. Hair just slides off to be vacuumed up later. Here are some examples: hardwood, laminate, tile or vinyl floors -- This is a hint that wall-to-wall carpeting can be a challenge to maintain if you have a pet that sheds a lot. leather -- Opt for top grain leather or brushed leather if scratching is (or might be) a problem. canvas pleather heavy duty cotton fabric ultrasuede You might also try camouflaging pet hair until you can tidy up. Think furnishings in muted tones or prints that blend with your pet's coloration. This might sound silly, but if you love Fido (Max or Sasha), and are in the market for a new couch, it's something to think about.

5) Cover-Ups

Cover the surfaces your pet uses frequently with blankets and area rugs. More hair on washing machine friendly surfaces like slipcovers and mats will mean less hair in your carpeting and furniture -- and less wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner, too. Consider it a decorating challenge. Interior designers are doing great things with washable slipcovers and accent rugs these days. You can add some seasonal flare to your décor while putting down makeshift fur traps. Hey, this could be an excuse to redecorate! Here's a washing tip: At first, clean the cover ups with our Moosoo vacuum cleaner, throw hair laden cover ups in your clothes dryer with a fabric softener sheet for 10 minutes before washing. The tumble cycle and softener will loosen lots of hair you can later empty from the lint trap. Adding liquid water softener to the wash cycle will release more stubborn hairs into your wash water, too.

Bring happiness at home with clean environment

If you live in a pet-friendly household, you know how fun, funny and endearing a pet can be to have around. But it’s also challenging when appear pet hair problems. Shop our Moosoo Vacuums and forget cleaning issues forever.

About Product

4-In-1 Different Design

The multi-accessory hardwood floor vacuum is simply transformable into a handheld vacuum for flexible floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The wireless vacuum cleaner is easy to use to pick up garbage on the desk or in the crack thanks to the accompanying 2-In-1 crevice tool.

High-efficiency Cyclone & HEPA Filtration System

The cordless vacuum collects 99.99 percent of minuscule dust particles as small as 0.1 microns and releases clean, fresh air thanks to its fully sealed cyclone filtering system and high-density HEPA filter.

High Performance On Various Surfaces

The cordless vacuum cleaner has a 120W improved motor that produces up to 12KPa of strong suction when operating on its highest setting. It quickly picks up trash like dust, crumbs, and pet hair.

Long-Lasting Runtime

The 6-cell, 2200mAh, big capacity Lithium-Ion battery in the carpet and floor vacuum cleaner allows for up to 35 minutes of cordless operation in low mode and 12 to 20 minutes in maximum mode. The battery may be taken out of the stick vacuum cleaner and charged separately; it takes around 5 hours to charge fully.

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