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Compared with traditional large vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners can make housework easier and easier. The wireless and lightweight design improves both the work coverage and the comfort of use.

But since it is a vacuum cleaner, it is inseparable from the key parameter of suction, which has a relatively large impact on cleaning efficiency.

Since cordless vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries, the horsepower limit of the motor is relatively large, resulting in weak suction power. Therefore, large suction power is also a selling point of many manufacturers' products.

Many manufacturers do not mark the suction power of the pipe end. Don't think that if the rated power is large, the suction power of the tube end is large. But in any case, a best handheld vacuum for stairs product suitable for your home environment is the best choice. This article will introduce the handheld vacuum from the following two aspects.


The greater the rated power the greater the suction power?

Issues to consider

Through the research and evaluation of a variety of best handheld vacuum, we have summed up a checklist for the selection of handheld vacuum cleaners, combining various knowledge points and selection points, and finally according to the ultimate performance (light luxury), comprehensive performance (strength), affordable and performance Good (price) 3 dimensions, there are 3 powerful handheld vacuums on the list, it is strongly recommended to read the collection and share it with more people.

The greater the rated power the greater the suction power

of course not!

Take the wired vacuum cleaner as an example, the above table is an authoritative test, see the data in the table below.

Brand Nominal specification modelNominal production unitNominal rated power (W)Suction power(W)
MieleSDAB1-05 C2Nominal German imports1600277.94
PhilipsFC5822/81Philips Investment Co., Ltd.1400375.59
MatsushitaMC-CL743Matsushita Denka Housing Equipment Co., Ltd.1500350.43
MatsushitaMC-CL443Matsushita Denka Housing Equipment Co., Ltd.1300346.3
LiqiBRAVO SPECIALLiqi Advanced Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd.1600345.54
SamsungVC16ESNMAUB/SCSuzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.1600315.82
MideaMV-WJ12Q2Jiangsu Midea Cleaning Appliance Co., Ltd.1100293.52
ElectroluxZLUX1841Electrolux Electric Co., Ltd.1800266.23
PhilipsFC8083Philips Investment Co., Ltd.1200218.69
TEKZW4730Suzhou Jieshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.1000199.15
LakeVC-T3515S-5Lake Electric Co., Ltd.1200198.79
puppyD-9005Puppy Electric Co., Ltd.1500170.29
puppyD-926Puppy Electric Co., Ltd.2000167.9
MideaC3-L148BJiangsu Midea Cleaning Appliance Co., Ltd.1100128.79
TEKZW8536Suzhou Jieshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.1500950.2

Among them, you can see the product with a nominal power rating of 2000W, but the measured suction power is only 167, which is much lower than some products with a nominal power rating of 1600W.

Therefore, the suction power of a handheld vacuum for pet hair does not only depend on the rated power, but depends on the suction power.


The best hand vacuum to buy

Issues to consider

Secondary pollution problem

Whether you use a broom to sweep the floor or make the bed, it will be dusty, and the sweeping on the bed can be far more than just dust, and it may also include allergens and dust mites.

Mosthandheld cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters, which can better prevent the secondary pollution of most dust.

However, we still need to pay attention to fine dust and mites. Some of these models can ensure that the air outlet can filter most of the PM 2.5 particles when exhausting. Please pay attention when purchasing.

In addition, the direction of the air outlet may also cause secondary pollution. If the air outlet faces downward, it is very likely to blow the floating soil on the ground.

Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a handheld vacuum for car with an upward air outlet and a HEPA filter.


Useing effort

The labor saving mentioned here includes the thrust required to clean the ground, as well as the force required to clean high places when lifting the vacuum cleaner. These two points are very important for product design capabilities.

Take the V10 as an example. Its important parts such as the motor and battery are placed on the top and bottom of the handle, so that the distance between the center of gravity and the hand is shortened, and the torque is reduced.

Easy replacement of accessories

Cordless vacuum cleaners are more flexible than traditional wired large vacuum cleaners, and can be used more widely. Therefore, the easy replacement of suction heads, straws and other accessories has a great impact on the user experience.

Best hand vacuum

The body is easy to clean

The difficulty of cleaning the dust bucket and the roller brush will directly affect your desire to use it next time. The dust bucket is not easy to dirty your hands. The roller brushing hair/pet hair is less entangled and easy to clean will be the criteria for choosing a good product.

Battery life

The battery life of a cordless vacuum cleaner is generally 20 minutes to 1 hour, and the high and low gears can effectively increase the battery life when used.

Frequent cleaning households generally have two bedrooms and one living room, which can be cleaned in half an hour, provided that the purchased products have sufficient cleaning ability.

I believe that after reading this, everyone knows what is the best hand vacuum to buy.

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