Many people prefer pets, so they will buy some pets and keep them in their own homes, so that they will not be alone every day. However, if you want to buy pets with fur, there will definitely be a lot of fur in the house that we need to clean up. Then, we You can buy a vacuum cleaner, what kind of one should you buy for vacuuming pets, and how to use the vacuum cleaner to clean your pet's fur after buying it home. This article will explain pet hair related issues from multiple aspects.

  • What kind of vacuum cleaner to buy for pet hair?
  • How to use a vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair?
  • Is a pet vacuum cleaner really useful?
  • How to reduce dust and pet hair at home?


What kind of vacuum cleaner to buy for pet hair?


1: For families who do not own pets, buying a best vacuum cleaners for pet hair on the market may be able to meet the needs of daily cleaning. But if you have kittens or puppies at home, you can't be too casual when choosing a vacuum cleaner. You have to choose a special pet vacuum cleaner. The vertical multifunctional, portable and easy-to-use high-suction wireless pet vacuum cleaner is more targeted in design and more handy to use. It is really a good helper for home cleaning.

best vacuum cleaners for pet hair


2: Maybe you have this question: The paw prints left by pets on the ground and the hairs that fall at home have always been a difficult problem for cleaning. How does the special pet vacuum cleaner solve it? It turns out that the special pet vacuum cleaner uses a composite roller brush. The hair design can easily erase dirt and dirt such as floor claw marks. The anti-entanglement technology of the floor brush automatically combs the hair wound on the roller brush and collects it in the dust box through the unique combing strip structure, which greatly reduces the number of pet households The floor is difficult to clean. In this way, we no longer have to worry about pet hygiene.

3: Of course, when we buy a best vacuum cleaner for home use, we not only look at whether it can be used to clean the paw prints and hair of pets, but also whether it is convenient to use and whether the cleaning effect is satisfactory. For housewives, a vacuum cleaner that is portable and efficient to use is the best choice.


4: The lower the center of gravity of the best cordless vacuum, the easier it is to hold it. The floor brush vertically presses the floor, which will also improve the descaling ability. Of course, vacuum cleaners with multiple modes are also favored. They can also be parked upright when stopped. One-key switchover between mode mode and handheld mode, no need to place the machine on the ground for disassembly. In this way, both convenience and labor saving and cleaning effect are achieved.



How to use a vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair?


1: Many people like to keep pets, like cats and dogs. Although these pets are very cute, they often shed their hair, pet hair, dust mites, etc. have always been their troubles, and the cleaning problem is a headache. Use an ordinary broom to clean. Not only is it not clean, but because of static electricity, these hairs may stick to the sofa and become more difficult to clean. So now, vacuum cleaners are a good choice.

2: This best vacuum for pet hair can not only be used to clean the ground, but also have a certain cleaning effect on sofas, beddings, curtains and other dust, bacteria and mites. Using a vacuum cleaner to find scattered things is also one of the magical functions of a vacuum cleaner. Of course, although the vacuum cleaner is convenient to use, it can also be easily competent for some dead corners that are cleaned daily. However, the cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner itself is also a major issue that users need to pay attention to.


best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors

3: Only by ensuring that the vacuum cleaner itself is free of bacteria can ensure the thorough indoor cleaning. Therefore, after using the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to clean up the debris in the bucket and the vacuum accessories in time. The dust grid and dust bag should be cleaned after each work. It is also necessary to check for perforations or air leakage, and thoroughly clean the dust grid and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and blow dry to avoid the suction drop due to the clogging of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction power from weakening, the filter screen and the cloth bag should be cleaned regularly with water, and the suction power can be restored after washing and drying in a cool place.

Keeping a pet cat or dog will face the situation of pet hair loss. In order to solve this problem, a pet vacuum cleaner has appeared on the market, which is specially designed for pets. Is the pet vacuum cleaner useful?


Is a pet vacuum cleaner really useful?


Using suction to find small items

In many cases, it is inevitable that we will accidentally drop some very small items, such as buttons, pills, bottle caps, sewing needles, etc. Especially for the elderly with poor eyesight, it is really difficult for them to find these little things with the naked eye. But if you have a vacuum cleaner, you can find it without any effort. First, wrap the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner with a layer of gauze, and then select the appropriate wind force according to the size of the item. After turning on the power, use the suction nozzle to sweep around the place where the item is lost, and the fallen items will soon be absorbed. On the gauze.

Playing the role of vacuum compression when storing items

When the season changes, families must store bedding and other items. There will be situations where items occupy a large storage space and become damp and moldy. And when the family has a vacuum cleaner, it becomes easier to handle. First put them in a plastic sealed bag, then use a vacuum cleaner to exhaust the air in the plastic bag, and finally seal the bag tightly. This not only greatly saves storage space, but also the items inside are not susceptible to damp and mildew.

Cleaning and dust home appliances

Households generally have electrical appliances such as televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners, etc. If you manually clean the interior of the electrical appliances, it will not only be troublesome, but also easily damage the electrical components. How to use a vacuum cleaner to perform daily maintenance on electrical appliances and to remove dust inside and outside the electrical appliances. First unplug the power plug of the appliance, open and remove the appliance shell according to the instructions, choose a suitable shape of straw to reach into the appliance to remove the dust, then use a hair dryer to drive away the moisture, and finally install the shell.


How to reduce dust and pet hair at home?


  1. Use the hair removal brush to clean the dog once every morning and evening, which can reduce 70% of the dog's hair. The biggest function of the hair removal brush is to brush down the old hair that is about to fall off first to avoid falling everywhere in the house.
  2. An electrostatic brush can be used to clean the dog hair on clothes and sheets. As long as the brush is cleaned, the dog hair and dander can be sucked up. It is suitable for cleaning cotton clothes with just attached dog hair.
  3. To clean up dog hair on sofas, pet sleeping mats, etc., sticky hair brushes can be used. Long-term attached dog hair is difficult to clean with an electrostatic brush. The cleaning effect of a sticky brush is better than an electrostatic brush, and the sticky brush is very durable.
  4. Dust removal drum is suitable for removing dog hair from furniture, clothing, leather goods and other items. The cleaning effect is very good, and it is also very suitable for cleaning small parts of clothes. The disadvantage is that the dust removal paper needs to be replaced, and the use cost is high.

The above is about what vacuum cleaner is most suitable for pet hair and pet hair sharing, I hope it will be helpful to you.