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My robot vacuum is making an unusual noise. Is this normal?

The causes:

1. The ground on which the machine is located, maybe uneven or clogging objects. Resulting in abnormal sound caused by the friction between the universal wheel or the side brush strip and the ground.

2. The roller brush is stuck.

3. There are clogging objects stuck in the power wheels on both sides.

4. There are clogging objects in the dust box, blocking the air inlet.

5. Motor fan failure.

The solutions: 

Step 1. Replace the operating ground environment to see if the abnormal sound also exists and has no change. If the change is related to the ground environment, it indicates that the abnormal sound was caused by it.

Step 2. Please clean the roller brush assembly, side brush, and dust box, press the power wheels on both sides, and shake the fuselage to remove clogging objects.

Step 3. Remove the side brush and roller brush and restart the machine.

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The vacuum cleaner will go backward and has orientation issues. How to resolve it?


1. The Front Bumper is stuck or faulty.

2. The Front Bumper does not rebound smoothly and cannot rebound smoothly after impact.

3. The Lower Vision Sensor is dirty.


Step 1. Dial or slap the Front Bumper to check whether it springs back smoothly.

Step 2. Please check the Front Bumper and the Lower Vision Sensor for dirt and wipe clean.

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The robot vacuum will not recharge when it’s on the charging station. Is there a fix?


1. The switch on the side of the fuselage is not on. It needs the side power switch turned on to charge.

2. The charging electrode is not powered on or malfunctions.

3. The charging electrodes at the bottom of the body and the charging station are dirty or damaged.

4. The charging electrodes on the bottom of the body and the charging station are not correctly aligned.

5. The machine moved during the charge, and the electricity failed to charge.


Step 1.Check whether the switch on the side of the fuselage is on, and check whether the charging pile is energized (the indicator light will be on if energized).

Step 2. Wipe the conductive pole piece between the fuselage and the charging pile.

Step 3. Please move the machine up, down, left, and right several times.

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The service time of my machine is too short. How should I solve it?


1. The new machine is not fully charged before use, and the actual use time of the existing products is generally 90-120min.

2. Due to a large number of household sundries, the machine has completed the actual cleaning according to the default program.

3. Some functions may have been set (such as regular cleaning) or used by others.


Step 1. Please directly observe the power status after connecting the machine with the mobile APP. In addition, please confirm whether the vacuum had successfully charged. When the blue light is off means charging is completed.

Step 2. Restart the machine to see if it works.

Step 3. Try to organize your clutter neatly and leave room for the machine.

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How can I replace missing/broken accessories?

Contact the Customer-Service Center ( and tell us the name of your missing/damaged accessories. We will provide you with an appropriate solution.

My machine will fail/ hang on the flat ground. What can I do?


1. The floor is too dark.

2. The cliff sensor at the bottom of the fuselage is dirty or broken, which affects infrared emission and reception.


Step 1.Please wipe all the cliff sensors on the bottom of the machine.

Step 2. Place the machine in another ground environment and restart the vacuum to see if it is solved.

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I can’t connect my robot vacuum to Wifi. How to connect?


1. The WiFi network at home is 5G.

2. Wi-Fi signal is weak

3. Failure to follow the correct process, Wi-Fi, and app mode is not unified

The solutions: 

Step 1. Please make sure that the WiFi in your home can transmit a 2.4G network separately and its signal is good.

Step 2. If the WiFi network had confirmed to be correct, please use another mobile phone to start the network sharing and connect to see if it is solved.

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When the machine keeps saying "Dust box error" or "Front Bumper error," how do I fix it?

Step 1. please take the dust box out and clean it, then put and check whether it is in the correct position.

Step 2. Clean the Front Bumper to see if there is any damage.

Step 3. Push heavily to the Front Bumper, then check whether the Front Bumper can bounce back.

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The robot vacuum has low suction and garbage falls. What is causing these issues, and how to solve them?


· The filter is clogged, and the dust box is full and uncleaned

· The roller brush is stuck, unable to involve the garbage

· The low suction mode is selected

· The garbage particles are too large to suck it up.


Step 1. Please clean the dust box and HEPA filter.

Step 2. Check whether the roller brush is stuck and clean it.

Step 3. Please confirm the use of gear if necessary. Use high-grade gear.

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My vacuum reports “side brush stuck” and will not function. How to fix it?


1. The side brush or roller brush is entangled by hair or stuck by the clogging objects.

2. The side sweep and roller brush were installed incorrectly.

3. The main engine motor is damaged.


Step 1. Check whether there is any foreign body in the side brush and rolling brush. Remove it and clean the brush.

Step 2. Please remove the side brush, remove the rolling brush and restart the machine to see if the issue had resolved.

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What to do if my robot vacuum will not recharge automatically and has trouble returning to base?


· The machine is not near the charging station and has not received the recharge signal.

· The machine is near the charging station, but the infrared signal emitted by the charger is blocked.

· The charging station is not powered, or the charging station and the infrared sensor of the body are faulty.


Step 1. If the machine is not near the charging pile, please wait patiently for the vacuum to find the charging station, or manually move it to the attachment of the charging pile. Also, you can put the vacuum on the charging pile for charging.

Step 2. Plugin the charging pile and make sure the indicator light on the charger is on.

Step 3. When the machine is near the charging pile, ensure that the charging station is placed against the wall, and there are no obstacles within 2m in front of the pile.

Step 4. If there is a protective film on the front stopper or charging pile of the machine, tear off the protective film. Wipe the front stopper and charging station of the vacuum to keep them clean.

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