Pets bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. But unfortunately, there are some challenges also. And cleaning is one of them. Every pet owner knows that it may become pretty hard to keep your house clean and tidy once you get a furry friend.

A quality vacuum for pet hair doesn`t just collect dust but can efficiently clean those tricky fur hairs from any surfaces, making the air in your house fresh and clean again. Moosoo offers a wide range of high-quality vacuum cleaners for any purpose and budget. However, it may be hard to decide once you face various options.

In this article, we shall give you certain guidelines that will help you choose the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Do you need a Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair at all?

Once there are carpets in your house, you need to vacuum them regularly. Vacuuming, in this case, is not just a way to keep your carpets tidy. It is an important safety measure. Collecting and building up between the fibers, pet hair and dander can simply destroy your carpet in a matter of few months. Not only will it smell bad, but your carpet can instantly become an incubator for germs and pathogens.

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However, regular pet hair vacuuming is crucial even if you don`t have any carpets in your house at all. And there are several solid reasons for that:

· Various allergies emerge because of pet dander, not the hair itself. Those tiny skin fragments get into the air, triggering allergies and other respiratory complications. So, once you have swept your floor thoroughly from pet hair, you didn't solve the problem. You might have even aggravated it;

· Removing the invisible particles of pet fur and dander from the house, cordless vacuum for pet hair eliminated the unpleasant smell that people usually associate with certain pets;

· Your pet is also affected by air pollution. Especially if it is a small one that lives and breathes close to the floor. A quality vacuum cleaner will make the air in your house cleaner and safer for every member of your family, including the furry ones;

· Cordless Vacuum for pet hair gives you unlimited freedom while cleaning the house. With it, you can reach every corner without the risk of damaging walls and furniture with a cord.

How are vacuums for pet hair different from regular ones?

Cordless vacuums for pet hair are pretty popular today. The choice is pretty wide so it may be hard to make an informed decision. Every brand has a certain modification that is supposed to be most efficient against pet hair.

However, there are certain factors that you will need to consider to pick a cordless vacuum for pet hair that will do the job perfectly while being easy-to-use, store and maintain.

A quality cordless vacuum for pet hair doesn`t just clean the floors and vacuum carpets. It should be safe and efficient while cleaning curtains and furniture – those areas accumulate the most pet hair and dander.

Carpets that a quite thick tend to hold and accumulate pet hair and dander, making them hard to remove. Therefore you will need some particular suction strength and a nozzle that goes through carpet fibers, cleaning them out. But once you need to clean drapes or furniture, you want your cordless vacuum for pet hair to be delicate and precise, not to damage delicate surfaces.

You will also appreciate the ability of your cordless vacuum for pet hair to clean the interior of your car, once you take your furry friend for a road trip or vet.

Now, that we know what defines vacuums for pet hair from the regular ones, let`s go through some tips, that will help you choose your perfect model.

Picking your perfect cordless vacuum for pet hair.

While choosing your perfect vacuum for pet hair, you will need to consider several important factors:

· The kind of pet that you have.

Different pets have different fur. Their thickness, length as well as shedding capacity are very important while you pick a vacuum cleaner. For example, some cats have particularly lightweight fluff that ultimately floats through the air, making it hard to collect. At the same time, some cats and dogs don`t shed that much. However, they still spread the dander that can cause allergies.

· Your home layout and location.

Of course, the size, layout, and interior of your home define the capacity of your cordless vacuum and may require some specific brushes and functions. However, your location is also important. Whether you release your pet on a beach, in a local park, or a forest determines the contamination of your house.

· Your budget.

Some cordless vacuums for pet hair may be more expensive due to their advanced features. However, the energy-saving feature and easy maintenance instantly justify the price.

Do all pet owners need cordless vacuums for pet hair?

We usually associate pet hair challenges with cats and dogs. However, pet allergies are caused by dead skin cells and danger that any animal can shed. So, it does not matter whether you have a Labrador or a Hamster, any pet can trigger an allergy or a respiratory disease.

However, the size and type of your pet matters once you are choosing a vacuum for pet hair. It defines the capacity, power, and, of course, the price range of your vacuum cleaner.

Are all vacuums for pet hair the same?

Not every vacuum cleaner will manage to cope with pet hair and dander. However, there are significant differences between cordless vacuums for pet hair also.

Those differences depend on the layout, size of your house, and the interior. First of all, the bigger your house is, the larger battery capacity you will need. Cordless vacuum cleaners can provide you from 20 to 60 minutes of work, which is enough both for an apartment and a private house.

In case you have a lot of carpets and soft furnishings, you will need specific nozzles that brush through various textures, extracting pet hair and dander efficiently. Sometimes those nozzles also have silicone brushes, which are the most efficient for collecting all kinds of fur.

It is also important whether you have a lot of furniture in your apartment, skirting boards, windowsills, and other elements that may collect dust and fur, and are pretty hard to clean.

Moosoo cordless vacuums have models with various nozzles, so you may always find a cleaner that will be most efficient in your house.

How much are you willing to spend?

Of course, all the features mentioned above influence the price tag of your cordless vacuum cleaner. Logically, advanced high-end models will provide you up to 60 minutes of work, leaving your carpet as clean as new.

But before making a purchase, make sure that you will need and use all the functions that you will be paying for. In case you have a small apartment, you won`t need the big-capacity battery on your cordless vacuum for pet hair. 20-35 minutes will be enough to clean every corner thoroughly.

Also, once you don`t have carpets and other complicated textures in your interior, one basic nozzle will be enough for you. You may have to pay additional money for a large set of nozzles, while they will be just collecting dust in the closet.

Moosoo offers a wide range of cordless vacuums for any purpose and budget. Lightweight and efficient, they have various nozzles for all kinds of surfaces and textures. Compact and fast-charging, Moosoo cordless vacuum for pet hair will become your indispensable assistant.


Whether you have just adopted your first pet or have one for a while, getting a cordless vacuum for pet hair is not an indulgence, but a smart investment in the health and wellbeing of your whole family.

A high-quality modern cordless vacuum will help you maintain the highest hygienic standards in your house, preventing allergies, respiratory complications, and the growth of bacteria and pathogens that your furry friend will inevitably bring from every walk.

With a good vacuum, you will preserve your carpets and furniture from spoilage or even grant a second life to old ones.

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A cordless vacuum for pets will allow you to spend less time cleaning the house. From now on, your life with pets will only be full of joy and lifetime memories.

Shedding, dander, and dirt are the most common reasons why people deprive themselves of the joy of getting a pet. However, their positive effect on our wellbeing and health is undeniable. Sometimes people mistakenly think that they are allergic to pets. Old vacuums with outdated technologies tend to spit most of the dust back in the air. It makes the whole vacuuming useless and even stimulates the development of allergies and respiratory disease among those who didn`t have them before. Working hard on creating and developing innovative cordless cleaning solutions, Moosoo help numerous families break the chains of household chores and spend more quality time with each other.