Moosoo cordless vacuum cleaner is a new innovation for cleaning carpets. It comes with all the usual features of a best cordless handheld vacuum: power, durability, longevity, portability, and suction power. The cordless stick vacuum from Moosoo neatly covers all these bases. A brushless, rechargeable battery and a high-performance lithium-ion battery drive the motor for up to fifteen hours of powerful suction. The powerful filtration unit features durable washable HEPA media and quiet running headlights highlight dark, shadowy under-carpet areas.


The moosoo cordless vacuum cleaner has three different cleaning modes: wet/dry, dry only, and all-purpose in wet/dry. With the Wet/dry all-purpose mode, the suction gets stronger and moves further across the carpeted floors. This is the best option when cleaning hard floors such as marble, granite, tile, or vinyl. When cleaning carpets, it is better to use the Dry/All-Purpose mode. For hard floors, the max mode gives better coverage and greater suction power.

Moosoo cordless vacuum cleaner

The lightweight, foldable and easily portable Moosoo Cleaner is easy to carry around. It can be folded flat for storage and it weighs less than five kilograms. It is similar to the upright vacuum cleaners that are commonly available in the market. It has a durable brush head and the suction power is great for removing tough dirt and grim. It has two speeds - one for low speed and one for high speed.

The other important feature of the Moosoo cleaner is its brushless motor. This has two brushes that give very powerful cleaning. The lightweight design of the Moosoo makes it easier for users to operate and handle. The Moosoo Cleaner also has a working time of about fifteen minutes.

A unique advantage of this cordless vacuum cleaner is that it does not need the use of a bag or a scoop - both of which add weight and bulk to its operation. Instead, it has a built-in disposable hepa filter that collects dirt from the air. The hepa filter also absorbs and traps other microscopic allergens, pollens, dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria. Its lightweight stick on filter is also useful for cleaning corners and tight areas where a best cordless vacuum cannot go.


There is a disadvantage of the Moosoo Cleaner: it does not remove tiny particles from the air like other cordless vacuum handheld. If you suffer from pollen allergy or asthma, you should avoid using this. It does not have an exhaust tube like other vacuum cleaners so the exhaust should be taken care of separately.