Vacuum cleaners have indeed brought great convenience to our lives, such as cleaning and hygiene; but from other aspects, vacuum cleaners have also brought some troubles to our daily lives, such as noise problems. The noise of the best vacuum cleaner is always very loud, if someone is resting, it will definitely be affected. So is there any way to reduce the noise of the best vacuum? This article will introduce you to the best vacuum cleaner for home in detail from the following three aspects.


  • How to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner
  • Reasons for the loud noise of vacuum cleaners and suggestions
  • How to choose a vacuum cleaner


How to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner


1. Opening the window

In the course of use, opening the home windows can effectively reduce the noise echo, and feel that the noise will be reduced.

2. Adjusting the power

Adjusting the size of the power can also reduce the noise. In general household cleaning, it can basically be done with the smallest power. At this power, the noise of the vacuum cleaner is much reduced. And it saves energy effectively.

3. Isolation technology

Noise reduction can effectively reduce a certain amount of noise through the degree of machine sealing and the noise reduction technology of a large manufacturer. For example, the various isolation technologies of the Yijie Silent King series effectively reduce the noise.

4. Motor vibration isolation

The solution to the interference vibration is to install a shock absorber on the vacuum motor. When the natural frequency of the shock absorber is greater than the interference vibration frequency of the vacuum motor, the shock absorber cannot achieve the effect of vibration isolation. When the interference vibration frequency of the vacuum motor is equivalent, the vibration absorber will not only not have the effect of vibration isolation, but also amplify the vibration due to the superposition of sound waves. Only when the natural frequency of the vibration absorber is less than 1.42 times the interference vibration frequency of the vacuum motor, the vibration is avoided. The vibration isolation effect can be achieved by the device.


Reasons for the loud noise of vacuum cleaners and suggestions


1. The fan blade part of the cheap vacuum cleaner was not assembled in place when assembling, so please wipe other accessories. Or a collision occurred during transportation, causing the parts to shift, and the motor was rotating at a high speed, causing friction and noise.

Suggestion: Disassemble the best vacuum cleaner by yourself, check whether the parts have collision and friction, or send it to a repair shop for repair.

MOOSOO vacuum cleaner

2. The bearing of the fan blade is poorly lubricated or severely worn. If you find that there is looseness between the lubricating bearing and the rotor, you should replace it in time; if the impeller is compressed and the nut is loose, the impeller shaft is displaced too much, causing it to collide with the casing. At this time, you need to move the impeller to the normal position and restart it. Tighten the nut.

3. The muffler element of the vacuum cleaner is broken. Generally, there is a foam muffler layer around the main body of the vacuum cleaner. You can check whether it is falling off or missing. If so, use 303 glue again for bonding. If it is damaged, just add another piece.

4. If the suction channel of the vacuum cleaner is blocked, the host will run overspeed without load, the noise of the host will be aggravated, and the sound will be dull. At this time, you should observe the dust-full indicator. If it reaches the limit, shut down immediately and remove the blockage. If there is no indicator, you should shut down if you hear a sound, and check whether the passage is blocked.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner


1. Hand-held vacuum cleaner is the most convenient to use. It can be carried around the room to clean, and there is no need to drag the power cord. The power is generally between 800w and 1200w. This kind of vacuum cleaner has a small suction power. , Can suck dust, but some nails, coins and heavy objects cannot be sucked away.

2. If it is a residence of more than 100 square meters, it is recommended to choose a horizontal vacuum cleaner. The power of this type of vacuum cleaner is between 1000w and 2000w, and the suction power is large, but at the same time the noise is also large. It is a bit inconvenient to drag the power cord when using it. 

reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner

3. The disc vacuum cleaner will automatically adjust the cleaning route to clean the dust, hair and debris on the floor. Because it does not require human operation, it is favored by many lazy people. Because this type of vacuum cleaner uses a lithium battery and does not require an external power source during use, it is more expensive. Since the power is mostly between 400 watts and 500 watts, the power of the disc vacuum cleaner is relatively small, and the main thing is the dust when cleaning. Although it saves trouble, the performance of dust collection is average; once the battery runs out, I don’t know if the vacuum cleaner runs. Where is it, it is not convenient to find it.

This article mainly talks about how to reduce the noise of the portable vacuum cleaner, the reasons and suggestions for the noise of the vacuum cleaner, and the three aspects of how to choose a bagless vacuum cleaner. I hope it will be helpful to you.