Vacuum cleaner accessories, as the name implies, are small parts used in vacuum cleaners. According to different parts, their parts have different styles, but the combination of multiple parts can bring out the usefulness of the vacuum cleaner. This article will mainly share the three aspects of vacuum cleaner accessories, how to use vacuum cleaner accessories, and the price of vacuum cleaner accessories.

  • What are the vacuum cleaner accessories
  • How to use vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Vacuum cleaner accessories price

What are the vacuum cleaner accessories

A vacuum cleaner is composed of multiple parts, and its accessories play a vital role. Their existence can make the vacuum cleaner more effective and convenient to use. What are the vacuum cleaner accessories? Let's take a look at it together.

Generally, the vacuum cleaner is composed of flat suction, sofa suction, brush head, handle, hose, hook and other accessories and filter system. Depending on the cleaning place, the selected suction head is also different, and the filter system is also divided into dust bag, front filter, rear filter and so on.

All vacuum cleaners on the market that have suction power will be equipped with a hard hose, which is used to connect the soft hose used for cleaning or its accessories. It is convenient to clean corners, curtains, sofas and other gaps, and a cleaning brush or nozzle is used on the vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaner attachments

The round brush heads seen in the market belong to a relatively small nozzle, which can complete a 360° rotation to facilitate cleaning of home and net fabrics.

There is also a more popular high-efficiency filter, which is a particulate filter that can be cleaned with water and can absorb small dust in the air.

There are actually many kinds of vacuum cleaner accessories on the market. The specific choice depends on the selected vacuum cleaner style to determine the use of the accessories.

How to use vacuum cleaner accessories

The home vacuum cleaner needs to replace its accessories, how should it be used and installed? Let's take a look at it together.

1. You can read the product manual in detail.

2. When connecting the hose to the host interface of the vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is firm.

3. The other end of the hose must be properly connected to the other end of the extension pipe.

Fourth, you can decide the length of the extension tube according to the distance you clean.

5. The other end of the extension tube is connected with the suction nozzle.

Sixth, most of the pipeline installation methods on the market are to insert first, and then rotate and tighten

7. After installation, be sure not to bend or stretch excessively.


Vacuum cleaner accessories price

The service life of the vacuum cleaner cannot be long. More or less there will be some parts that need to be replaced. What is the price of the vacuum cleaner parts on the market? Let’s take a look.

According to the different parts of the accessories, the price is high or low. For example, the takeover of a vacuum cleaner is about 2.5 RMB each, the filter is about 30 RMB, and the hose is about 10 RMB per meter.

Specifically, the price of the vacuum cleaner depends on the damaged parts of the vacuum cleaner. However, I suggest you go to a professional vacuum cleaner accessories store to buy it. This can ensure secondary use and prolong life.

The above is the sharing of knowledge about vacuum cleaner accessories, I believe you have found the answer.