Many car owners are very hesitant to buy a car vacuum cleaner. They are not very clear about its size, power, cable length and other issues, especially in terms of power. They are afraid that the suction power is too weak when the power is low, and they are afraid of the power. If the cigarette lighter is too large to burn out, then the higher the power of the car vacuum cleaner, the better? What kind of car vacuum cleaner is the best? This article will write about car vacuum cleaners from two aspects.

  • what is the best vacuum cleaner for car
  • Precautions for the correct use of car vacuum cleaners


    What is the best vacuum cleaner for car


    Power aspect

    In terms of the power of car vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners with a power of 100~300 watts or more than 300 watts, although they have strong suction power, not only require high inverter power supplies, but are also expensive, and those within 100 watts There are many brands of car vacuum cleaners, and they are cheap and affordable. Although the power is not very large, it is completely sufficient for ordinary cars. And within this range, there is no need to worry about the cigarette lighter being burned out, because the maximum power of the cigarette lighter is generally 120 watts. As long as the external equipment used does not exceed this value, the car owner does not need to worry.

    The best vacuum cleaner for car

    In terms of size

    Nowadays, many car vacuum cleaner products are divided into large and small ones. For general small household vehicles, it is sufficient to choose a portable vacuum cleaner, while for large SUVs, it is better to choose a larger car vacuum cleaner.

    Line length

    Many car vacuum cleaners have a standard wiring length of 2 meters. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, many car owners only pay attention to the beauty of the thing, whether the suction power is good, etc., and ignore the length of the line. As a result, they found 2 The meter cable is completely insufficient, so it is recommended that car owners choose a vacuum cleaner with a cable length of about 4.5 meters when purchasing, which is basically sufficient for the use of all vehicles.


    The choice of accessories is also very important, because there are many dead spots in the car. If the most powerful car vacuum accessories are not complete, the dust and impurities in these places are difficult to clean. Therefore, when buying, it is recommended to consult the store for accessories. There are how to use accessories.


    Anti-clogging function and easy cleaning

    The suction power, anti-clogging function and ease of cleaning of the car vacuum cleaner. It is directly related to the cleaning effect, service life and convenience of consumers using car vacuum cleaners. When we buy a vacuum cleaner, we can ask the customer service about the anti-clogging function and ease of cleaning of the vacuum cleaner.

    living environment

    For most car users, the higher the power, the better the car vacuum cleaner. The key is to suit your car's situation. If you only drive in the city, the road conditions are better and there is not much dust. Of course, it is generally used for low-power cars. This best car vacuum for pet hair is fine. If you often drive long distances, use a more powerful car vacuum cleaner. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the power supply that matches the power, so as to ensure the safety of the car and the owner, and at the same time, it can also reduce energy consumption!


    Cordless vacuum handheld


    Precautions for the correct use of car vacuum cleaners


    1. Before using the this best hand vacuum for car, check whether the fuse of the power supply can carry the current for starting and working of the vacuum cleaner.


    2. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be cleaned after use, press the clip on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.

    3. Turn off the power switch of the car vacuum cleaner and insert the power plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. You should start the car first, and then turn on the power switch of the vacuum cleaner to start operation.

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