Among the many cleaning appliances, the vacuum cleaner can be said to be one of the recognized cleaning artifacts. Compared with traditional broomsticks, vacuum cleaners are more convenient, faster and cleaner when cleaning garbage. Therefore, almost every modern family will consider purchasing dust removal supplies. So, what details should we pay attention to in the process of purchasing a vacuum cleaner? Is it true that as long as you buy an expensive one, you can definitely get a reasonable use experience at the corresponding price? Let's talk about it together!


Classification of household vacuum cleaners


Horizontal vacuum cleaner

At present, horizontal vacuum cleaners belong to the category of higher household usage in the Asian and European markets. According to incomplete statistics, they account for more than 80% of the overall market. They are characterized by small size and convenient storage. The horizontal vacuum cleaner has a wide range of applications. Carpets, car cleaning, electrical appliances, and indoor home furnishings are all its working areas. Therefore, friends who want to use a machine with multiple functions are recommended to give priority to a horizontal vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaner

Vertical vacuum cleaners are more common in the American market and are suitable for cleaning large areas of carpet. Therefore, for friends who lay carpets at home, vertical vacuum cleaners are a good choice.

upright vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner

An obvious advantage of a handheld vacuum cleaner is its compact size, which is very convenient to carry and use. Although compared with the horizontal vacuum cleaner, the power is relatively small and the suction power is "gentle". The hand-held vacuum cleaner is more than enough to deal with the cleaning of the car interior, keyboard, sofa, electrical appliances and other environments.

cordless vacuum cleaner

Bucket vacuum cleaner

From the barrel vacuum cleaner, we can find the shadow of the originator of the vacuum cleaner a hundred years ago. This type of best lightweight vacuum is characterized by large capacity and water absorption, but the corresponding size is relatively large. It is generally used by cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings. It is not recommended for use in a home environment.



1. Friends who pursue a multi-purpose machine can choose a horizontal vacuum cleaner;

2. For multi-storey house floors, a vertical vacuum cleaner can be used;

3. For furniture and electrical appliances with many small gaps such as sofas and keyboards, you can choose a handheld vacuum cleaner;

4. Large environments such as companies and office buildings are non-bucket vacuum cleaners.


Pay attention to the process of choosing a vacuum cleaner


One-key take-up function

After the vacuum cleaner for home is energized, there should be only the sound of wind, the smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better, and there should be no other noises. Some best vacuums for carpet are equipped with a power recovery device. When selecting, you must pull out all the power cords, and then press the cord take-up switch to see if it takes all the power cords back.



Is there a dust bag or no dust bag?

Dust bag vacuum cleaners are increasingly criticized by consumers because of the troublesome cleaning and the high cost of later use. Dust bag vacuum cleaners rely on cloth bags or paper bags inside the vacuum cleaner to filter the inhaled dusty air, and the dust is accumulated in the dust bag after filtration. If the dust bag uses a cloth dust bag, you need to take out the dust bag regularly to dump the dust and clean the dust bag. However, it is easy to get dusty when taking out the dust bag and dumping the dust, and it is very troublesome to clean.

The bagless vacuum cleaner is filtered by a filter element or separated by a cyclone to remove dust. The dust falls into the dust box or dust bucket and can be poured directly into the water for washing. It saves the trouble of cleaning the dust bag and purchasing the dust bag, and also saves a lot. money. Although the price of the bagless vacuum cleaner is higher than that of the bag-type vacuum cleaner, the price can reflect the technical content of the product to a certain extent, and the bag-type vacuum cleaner costs a lot in the later stage. There is no secondary cost for the bagless vacuum cleaner in the later stage, which makes the dust The price-performance ratio of bag cleaners is much lower. Therefore, bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular among consumers.




In addition to the above points that need to be paid attention to during the purchase process, whether it has the speed control function is also an important reference factor. The speed control can not only help you save electricity, but also use the minimum speed to start the machine. It conducives to protecting the nose.