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Cordless handheld vacuum

How to choose the best hand vacuum

July 9,2021


The contest between handheld vacuum cleaners and wired recumbent vacuum cleaners has never stopped. Although users hold their own words, most consumers still think handheld vacuum cleaners are more practical. After all, handheld vacuums are upgraded technology on the basis of wired recumbent vacuum cleaners. It is more applicable in daily family life. In addition to the loud noise, the traditional wired vacuum cleaner also has a problem that because of the limited length of the wire, there must be a socket support wherever it goes, and the use process has certain limitations. 


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  • Therefore, many consumers prefer hand-held vacuum cleaners. Some brands are also looking at this business opportunity, so there are more and more hand vacuum cleaners on the market, so how should we buy when buying? What else should we pay attention to?

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Is there a filtering system

People who have bought a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner probably have this experience. The best handheld vacuum cleaner that has just been bought has a strong suction power and is also full of power when vacuuming, but it will not be long before you find that the suction power is far less than when you first bought it, and then you will find that in fact It's just that the filter is clogged with dust, and you only need to clean the dust on the surface of the filter. In order to solve the problem of consumers frequently cleaning the filter, some brand manufacturers will choose to add cyclone technology to the vacuum cleaner. When the cyclone is in operation, it can generate a strong eccentricity to separate the dust from the air and throw the dust impurities into the dust bucket. , Separate from the air to prevent dust from clogging the air outlet. For example, Taiwan’s Pusannick P9 has innovatively adopted an eight-cone cyclone energy-concentrating structure to maintain strong suction power for the vacuum cleaner at all times.

Is the suction strong enough

Suction is the most critical factor affecting best hand vacuum cleaners. Whether it is a handheld vacuum cleaner or a wired lying vacuum cleaner, the motor determines the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The motors used in vacuum cleaners on the market are roughly divided into two categories, one is ordinary brushed motors, and the other is Japanese NIDEC brushless motors. Brushless motors replace mechanical commutation with electronic commutation, which is technically superior to brush motors. The carbon brushes of brushed motors are prone to wear, which reduces the life of the motor. The service life of brushless motors can be as long as 10 years. The most important thing is that the brushless motor can generate huge suction power. For example, the handheld vacuum cleaner P9 GTS under Taiwan’s Pursonic adopts the most advanced Japanese NIDEC motor, and the maximum suction power can reach 18500PA.

Most powerful handheld vacuum

Battery life time

The length of battery life not only affects work efficiency but also affects user experience. The bottom line depends on the battery type and capacity. Batteries on the market are roughly divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries. The service life of different battery types is also different. Among them, the service life of lithium batteries is three times that of nickel-metal hydride batteries, and the service life is longer, and the price is It is also relatively high. Most vacuum cleaners on the market are powered by lithium batteries, which are safe and guaranteed.

Dust box capacity size

As the name suggests, the dust box is a container for storing dust and impurities. If the dust box is too small, we need to clean more often. Maybe the house is cleaned to half of the time, and the dust box will be cleaned several times. If things go on like this, consumers will inevitably feel tired. Especially hand-held vacuum cleaners, although they have an advantage over lying vacuum cleaners in terms of size, many people will take it for granted that the dust collection box will also become smaller. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the purchase, a larger capacity dust box, do not have to worry about clogging due to excessive impurities, it will be more worry-free.

How to use a handheld vacuum cleaner

Before using

Before each use of a powerful handheld vacuum, the first thing to do is to check whether the dust box/bag inside the handheld vacuum cleaner is cleaned, and check whether the suction port of the handheld vacuum cleaner is blocked. If the above phenomenon exists, solve it in time and use the handheld vacuum cleaner.


General hand-held vacuum cleaners should never be used to suck liquids, viscous objects, metal powder, sharp and large objects, so as not to reduce the suction power of the hand-held vacuum cleaner and prevent damage to the parts. For large insects, kill them first, and then suck them into a cheap handheld vacuum. However, the water-filtering handheld vacuum cleaner can.

After using

1. Resetting all settings

After using the hand-held vacuum cleaner, the switch must be placed in the off position. Prepare for next use.

2. Putting it in the right place

The handheld vacuum cleaner and its accessories should be kept clean and stored in a dry place to prevent leakage or short circuit caused by moisture. And should avoid direct sunlight, and don't put it near the stove or other heating appliances to prevent the plastic shell from fading, deforming or aging.

Best hand vacuum

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner filter

Pressing the button on the top of the vacuum cleaner handle in the direction of the arrow.

You can open the cover above the filter. The internal structure of the vacuum cleaner is divided into 2 layers, of which the outer layer is the filter and the inner layer is the dust bag.

Rotating the filter to take out the filter for cleaning.

Replacing the dust bag

After taking out the filter, the internal test is the position of the dust bag, and the dust bag can be taken out.

After taking out the dust bag, you can carefully clean the inside of the vacuum cleaner.

Just install the spare dust bag to the previous position. (If the old dust bag is not particularly dirty, it can be used repeatedly after washing.)

Precautions for the use of handheld vacuum cleaners

Continuous use time

When using a hand-held vacuum cleaner, make sure that the socket is plugged in firmly and is safe to use electricity; secondly, when we use a hand-held vacuum cleaner, it should not be used continuously for more than one hour. If it is used for too long, it will cause the motor of the hand-held vacuum cleaner to overheat, which is likely to be internal Will burn.

Don't touch water

When we use a hand-held vacuum cleaner, we must first dry the water on our hands. If our hands are wet, we must not directly operate the machine. At the same time, if you use this portable handheld vacuum that is not wet and dry, don't touch the water, otherwise it will damage the body.

The use conditions of the handheld vacuum cleaner

The operating conditions of a handheld vacuum cleaner are generally that the altitude does not exceed one thousand kilometers, the working environment temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and there is no flammable, explosive, and corrosive gas around. This also means that if you are at high altitude or in a very hot place, you are not allowed to use a most powerful hand vacuum.

 The start sequence of the switch

A general handheld vacuum cleaner has two switches, one is the switch on the body of the vacuum cleaner, and the other is the switch on the handheld hose. The correct order for us to use the vacuum cleaner should be: first turn on the switch on the body of the vacuum cleaner, and then turn on the switch on the handle, step by step.


From this article, do you get how to choose the best hand vacuum? in addition to it, we also tell about some other useful information about vacuum cleaner, I hope it can help you.

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