MOOSOO K17 – a quick look

Dimensions 45 × 9 × 8.5 inches
Weight 2.84 lbs.
Cleaning path width 10"
Battery voltage/mAh 22.2 V / 2200 mAh
Expected run-time 30 mins (15 mins in MAX mode)
Charging time 4 hours
Floor compatibility Hard floors, low and medium pile carpet
Filter HEPA
Bin capacity 13.5 oz
Suction power 10 kPa (standard mode) / 17 kPa (MAX mode)
Accessories - charging base
- wall mount
- 2-in-1 cleaning brush
- 2-in-1 square brush
- crevice nozzle
- retractable hose
- mini-motorized head
- user manual
Noise level

65-70 dB


Current price$159.99(Original price$199.99)

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Suction/Cleaning Power

The vacuum’s suction peaks at 17 kPa when on the “MAX” mode. On the standard power mode, cleaning power drops to 10 kPa, which is still enough to remove different kinds of dirt from smooth surfaces. The MOOSOO K17 owes its cleaning power to a modern brushless motor which spins as 50,000 rpm, a powered brush roll, and efficient design that enhances the flow of air through the device.

The motor is rated at 200 watts, while the brush features nylon bristles that are highly effective at getting dislodging embedded debris and stuck dirt. The airflow system is designed to prevent loss of suction while vacuuming. That means the MOOSOO offers constant cleaning power.

Input Power

MOOSOO vacuum Suction/Cleaning Power

An 8-cell, 22.2V lithium-ion battery powers the vacuum. The battery is rated 2200 mAh and runs for 30 minutes. Its charging time is 4 hours, and the vacuum comes with a wall charging base that also acts as storage. The battery is removable. If you get a spare one, you can extend the cleaning time by another 30 minutes. An LED indicator on the unit shows if the battery is charging or not. 

Dust Capacity

The dirt bin is 13.5 oz (400 ml).The bin on the Moosoo K17 features a hinged bottom cover. It opens downwards and lets you empty dirt easily and in a most hygienic manner. The container is also translucent, and you can quickly tell when it needs to be emptied.

Filtration Efficiency

The vacuum uses a 4-stage cyclone system to remove dirt from the sucked up air. In spite of the Moosoo K17 being so affordable, it comes equipped with a HEPA filter. That means you and your family will not be exposed to allergens during vacuuming sessions. Considering that most popular brands sacrifice filtration for affordability, the HEPA filtration is a plus for this Moosoo vacuum.

The filter is washable. By cleaning it regularly, you can ensure proper filtration and adequate suction at all times. However, you would need to avoid washing the filter when you have some cleaning to do. That’s because the filter requires at least 24 hours off drying time. Using a wet filter would ruin the vacuum and void the warranty.

Weight and Dimensions

portable vacuum

The Moosoo K17 is one of the lightest cordless stick vacuums on the market, weighing a mere 2.84 pounds. With that amount of weight, the vacuum can be called a family cleaning device. Members of your family will find it easy to use, from maneuvering it around, holding it up to clean higher places, to carrying it upstairs.

The low weight is also a big advantage when using it as a handheld unit. It allows you to hold it in your hand for long periods and not feel fatigued. The stick version measures 45″ × 9 ” ×  8.5″. As you can see, the vacuum is so compact you wouldn’t have trouble storing or guiding it into narrow spaces.


Moosoo offers a guarantee of two years for the vacuum. 


vacuum parts
  •  Main machine

  •  Motorized LED floor head
  •  Charging Base&Wall Mount
  •  Stretchable hose
  •  Crevice nozzle
  •  2-in-1 cleaning brush
  •  Mini motorized head
  •  2-in-1 square brush
  •  Lightweight aluminum alloy tube

    Special Features

    The Moosoo K17 comes equipped with necessary but useful features and functions. They include:

    Powerful Cleaning Head

    The main floor cleaning attachment of the Moosoo vacuum provides a powerful airlift of 17 kPa at its highest. With such an airflow, the floor head picks up every kind of debris in its path, from big to small and from light to heavy. The battery is fade-free, which means the air pressure doesn’t drop throughout the cleaning sessions.

    The floor head also features a spinning brush roll. That means you can use the Moosoo K17 on low and medium-pile carpets and achieve satisfying results. Being a cordless and an entry-level vacuum, there are carpets the Moosoo will not clean, such as the high-pile types. The vacuum comes with a hooked hair cleaning tool for the hair that may tangle onto the brush roll.

    Lightweight Construction

    One of the greatest attributes of this vacuum is its lightweight nature, which makes it highly usable. You will find it easy to maneuver, carry from one place to another, and hold up when cleaning high places. Different members of your family can clean with the Moosoo K17, unlike most vacuums that only stronger people can use. The handheld unit, despite housing the motor and dirt bin, is also lightweight enough to allow long hours of vacuuming.

    Detachable Handheld

    vacuum parts

    The handle part of the vacuum is designed to separate from the main stick vacuum. Most cordless sticks come with this feature. However, the Moosoo K17 handheld offers several advantages. It’s lightweight enough to allow you extended periods of vacuuming without numbing your wrists, which is useful if you have large areas to clean with the detached unit. The handheld part also features an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold for long periods.

    Wide and Pivoting Floor Head

    With a cleaning path of 10 inches, the floor head is wide enough for a lightweight stick vac. It means faster cleaning as you only need to make a few passes. The floor head also pivots 120 degrees, offering you enhanced maneuverability during cleaning tasks. If your home has narrow spaces or a lot of furniture, the swivel is an indispensable feature. It makes steering the vacuum around the obstacles a breeze and makes tasks both easy and fun to complete.

    Easy-to Empty and Translucent Bin

    The bin opens downwards at the push of a button that’s placed on the side. The contents drop straight into the trash can and do not fly around to cause a health risk. The bin is translucent, which allows you to monitor the accumulation of dirt when cleaning. These features make the Moosoo K17 easy to empty.

    HEPA Filtration

    The Moosoo K17 is adequately efficient at allergen control. It comes with a HEPA exhaust filter capable of blocking 99.9% of the particles that get picked up at the cleaning nozzle. The HEPA filter is housed in a metal honeycomb-like structure and surrounded by a mesh. Every part of the filter housing is washable, including the filter itself. Depending on the vacuuming frequency and amount of dirt cleaned, the filter lasts for between two and six months.

    LED Lights and Essential Attachments

    Moosoo vacuum LED lights

    The main floor nozzle has LED lights. When vacuuming dark places in your home, the lights help to reveal spots that are dirtier and that require more than one pass. The Moosoo vacuum also comes with a few useful multipurpose accessories.

    Removable Battery

    Moosoo vacuum Removable Battery

    The battery can be removed. That means the Moosoo K17 doesn’t limit you to the 30-minute runtime of the single battery it comes equipped with. By purchasing a spare battery or more, you can extend the cleaning time to more than an hour. It’s advisable to do so if you have a large home as 30 minutes may not be enough time to finish vacuuming tasks.

    Low-Noise Operation

    Even when using the highest cleaning power, the Moosoo noise level remains low, below 70 dB. This is not common for stick vacuums, which are known to be noisy devices. On the low power mode, the Moosoo is as quiet as 65 dB. The low-noise operation makes the Moosoo K17 suitable if you have a toddler, pets, or seniors.

    Specialized Brush Rolls

    To clean hard and delicate floors, the Moosoo K17 comes with a soft brush roll that won’t scratch the surface. For carpets and area rugs, you have the option to use the stiff-bristled mini-brush roll for the effective removal of stuck-on dirt and debris. While swapping brushes isn’t one of the nicest of experiences, it allows you to clean in a more specialized way to get better results.


    Upon unboxing the Moosoo K17, you will be amazed at how few parts and accessories. You only need to join the aluminum alloy tube, the motor part, the floor head together, and you’re ready to start cleaning.

    One of the reasons for the unrivaled usability of Moosoo K17 is its lightweight nature. You can take it anywhere and use it for long periods without feeling fatigued. The D-shaped handle is ergonomically designed, which makes the product comfortable in your hand. On the upper part of the vacuum are the power button and the controls for the cleaning modes, easy to reach and simple.

    The floor nozzle pivots to rotate up to 120 degrees offering you adequate maneuverability when cleaning around obstacles. It also allows you to push the handle downwards so you can clean under furniture and other low-lying areas. With the LED lights, removing the dirt from couches, beds and other dark places shouldn’t be a challenge.

    The level of versatility offered by the Moosoo K17 is high. Apart from being lightweight, it features a detachable handheld that you can use in areas that a stick cannot reach or wouldn’t suit. The handheld attaches to the various accessories, allowing you to clean both low and high places. You can use it on mattresses, couches, stairway, and hard to reach areas in your home. You can even use it to clean your car interior by attaching the relevant tool.

    battery vacuum cleaner

    The dirt bin is translucent, and you can see it filling up. Once full, emptying it is one of the most straightforward tasks. Pressing a button opens a bottom cover, and contents come tumbling into the trash can. The filter is washable, which means you won’t be needing to replace it after a few cleaning sessions. For storage, the vacuum comes with a wall storage rack which also acts as the charging station.

    Moosoo K17 Pros


    • Adequate suction and multi-surface brush roll to clean low-pile carpets and hard floors
    • Swivel joint to improve maneuverability, especially if your home contains a lot of furniture
    • LED lights to light up cleaning paths in the dark areas
    • Detachable battery that allows for the use of a spare battery to increase runtime
    • HEPA filtration for protection from allergens
    • Brushless motor that offers a longer lifespan for the vacuum’s engine
    • Simple to use with only standard features and few controls
    • Low noise
    • Highly affordable yet powerful in both suction and ability to dislodge dirt

    Final Thoughts

    To conclude, the Moosoo K17 is a vacuum that offers much for less. Its suction is high enough; the filtration system is excellent and the maneuverability, impressive. In spite of the low-capacity dirt bin, the vacuum performs well in many areas. I would recommend it for its cleaning abilities, versatility, and ease of use. But more for its affordability, which suits strict budgets without compromising cleaning capabilities. If, e.g., you don’t want to spare an extra $100 for a Tineco A11 Hero, the K17 is the way to go.