Sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners have become the cleaning tools chosen by more and more modern people. For those who don’t need money, of course buy both. For those who don’t need money, which one should I buy first? Which one is better? ? Before answering this question, we need to understand their respective advantages and disadvantages.

The sweeping robot does not need to be manually operated. It is the biggest advantage to clean by simply turning on the switch, and the compact body design can clean many dead corners, such as the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other low areas, which can be used for comprehensive cleaning , And low noise, low power, saving time and physical strength are its advantages. But behind the advantages also exposed the biggest disadvantage of the sweeping robot, that is, it can only clean the ground and cannot handle large pieces of garbage.

Vacuum cleaner can clean the space above the ground

The existence of a best vacuum can be said to be a universal cleaning tool, which includes a body, a telescopic tube, and a variety of brush heads, which can clean the home environment in all directions, such as desks, bed surfaces, sofas, curtains, roofs, corners , Crevices... even the interior space of the car, it can be cleaned, although it does not free hands, but the cleaning power and cleaning methods are much more convenient than the sweeping robot. The disadvantage is that you have to do it yourself.


Applicable people of robot sweeping and vacuum cleaner:

What kind of person is suitable for buying a sweeping robot

Big room

It is easy to clean a room of 10 square meters manually, but if you want to clean a house of more than 100 square meters, do you have a headache? Back pain and sweating? If you don't want to suffer physical and mental suffering, I recommend you First consider buying a sweeping robot to save yourself effort.

The sweeping robot can freely shuttle on the ground and complete the cleaning work. You can imagine it as a bagless vacuum cleaner that can move and work autonomously. The sweeping robot is especially suitable for families with large homes and well-arranged things. Without too many obstacles, its cleaning efficiency will be higher.


Busy man

For busy office workers, they are exhausted from work every day, and they have to cook, clean, and accompany their children when they return home. They are stressful and have no personal time at all. If you are very busy and tired every day, and want to do something you like in your free time, instead of being entangled in housework, then the sweeping robot is your savior. When you go to work, you can remotely control the sweeping robot to work with your mobile phone. When you get home, your home will be clean, how nice?

There are old people

Older people are not in good health, but most elderly people want face, especially when it comes to cleanliness. After a lifetime of hard work, I should enjoy it in my old age. If you buy them a sweeping robot, they will definitely resist it at first, but after using it a few times, they will definitely show off behind the scenes.

What kind of person is suitable for buying a hardwood floor vacuum


Home is small, home disorder

If your home is relatively small and full of various things, the sweeping robot will have to face many obstacles and cannot perform its fists. It is recommended that you use a best lightweight vacuum. The brush head of the portable vacuum is flexible and can be manually controlled to clean only places with garbage. Even if there are obstacles, it is much easier to avoid obstacles manually.


Home with pets

For friends who have pets like cats, dogs, and dogs, hair cleaning is always a headache, because the hair will fall everywhere. Therefore, the sweeping robot that can only clean the ground is not enough, and the handheld vacuum can achieve the effect of cleaning the whole house by matching different suction heads.

Large area carpet

It is not common for Chinese families to spread carpets throughout the house, but your home is carpeted on a large area. It is recommended to give priority to using a cheap vacuum. Because the best hand vacuum cleaner has more suction power, it is more suitable for deep cleaning.


Which one is better, robot cleaner or vacuum cleaner? This article tells us the answer in detail.

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