Black friday vacuum deals 2020 in MOOSOO

2020 is a relatively special year for us, and it is also a relatively difficult year. Affected by the epidemic, we have stayed at home for a longer time. I believe many people will work at home. In a blink of an eye, it was Black Friday, the shopping season, and many people began to stock up. In order to thank customers for their support along the way, many of our products have great discounts this Black Friday. We have a total of 14 products with discounts, you must not miss it.

Black friday vacuum deals 2020 in MOOSOO

 Product Name Features and Benefits Normal Price Black Friday Price Discount Buy Now
K17 Upgraded version Strong suction of 23KPA and 11 KPA


4 Stages High-Efficiency Filtration System

high-density HEPA filter
159.99 119.99 25% Buy Now
MH10 Double magnetic suction nozzle, 360°rotation, easy access,

3 Speed modes and 4 temperature modes,

100000 revolutions per minute,

five-fold safety protection
165.99 125.99 25% Buy Now


( Lightweight)

Super Long-lasting Battery and Powerful Suction

Lightweight Main Machine and Detachable Battery

2200mAh large capacity battery

Performs Well On All Floors
109.99 87.99 20% Buy Now


Automatically Recharge

Pre-set Cleaning

Cyclone 3D Cleaning System

1800PA Powerful Suction
159.99 127.99 20% Buy Now


6 precise temperature presets

Automatic turn off while boil-dry

304 stainless steel material body

4 Mins boiling & 0.8L volume
65.99 52.79 20% Buy Now


Longest 100 minutes shaving time

3D rotary shaver head

Durable battery and 1 hour fast chargin

High Speed Powerful Motor
26.99 19.99 20% Buy Now


Up to 26000pa strong suction

6-cell 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries

Lightweight & multi versatile attachments

Latest Filtration Technology
159.99 119.9 25% Buy Now


1800Pa Astonishing Suction Power

Remote APP Control

Smart Protection System

Ultra-High Battery Capacity
269.99 219.99 20% Buy Now


9 in 1 Multi-function

14 Preset Smart Programs

10 Various Abundant Accessories

Evenly Stressed, Fully Heated
99.99 79.99 20% Buy Now


2100 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Sufficient Accessories

Adjustable Pressure Nozzel

On-board Hose Reel
159.99 79.99 50% Buy Now


2 LB Large Capacity and Large View Window

Modern Design and High-Quality Material

Timer and Delay Baking

Abundant Accessories and After-sale Service
149.99 109.99 25% Buy Now


8000/12000Pa Two Suction Mode

2 In 1 Nozzle Used On Car,Carpet, Stairs, Windowsills, Sofa And Bed, Desk And Curtain

2500 mAh Li-ion Battery

Unique brush head design
64.99 51.99 20% Buy Now


360°Air Circulation and Less-Oil Technology

Included 11 Accessories and Recipe

8-in-1 Appliance & Digital LED Touchscreen

Safety Protection and After-sales Service
145.99 109.99 25% Buy Now


8 Preset Modes & Smart One-Touch

Easy to Clean

Quick Cooking and Temp/Time Control
126.99 95.99 25% Buy Now

The above table mainly introduces the selling points and preferential prices of 14 products that have a relatively large discount in this Black Friday event. We can buy more to avoid price increases when we buy again later.

Next, I will tell you some tips on vacuum cleaner maintenance

  1. Clean the dust box and all the vacuum accessories in time. The dust box is cleaned after each work and thoroughly cleaned with detergent and warm water, and then dried in time. It is strictly forbidden to use non-dry dust boxes.
  2. The machine should be handled with care and no external impact; after the vacuuming work, check if there is any blockage or debris at the air inlet. If there is debris, it needs to be cleaned; the machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place when it is out of service.
  3. When cleaning the machine, wipe it with a damp cloth containing water or neutral detergent. Do not immerse the head of the main unit in water for cleaning; do not use corrosive detergents such as gasoline or banana water, otherwise it will cause the shell to crack.
  4. When the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the suction power will decrease due to the clogging of the filter mesh. In order to prevent the suction power from decreasing, the filter sponge should be washed regularly with water, and then dried in a cool place after washing to restore the suction power.
  5. When using the vacuum cleaner for a long time, clean the MIF filter in time. The small mesh of the filter will also affect the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Take the MIF filter out and place it on the edge of the trash can, and gently bump it to remove the dust in the MIF filter. , Never wash the filter with water.

The vacuum cleaner is regularly maintained, and the dust collection effect is better, and the service life will be longer. At present, the central dust removal system is a more advanced household dust removal equipment, which not only has a good dust removal effect, but also avoids secondary pollution; it is less noisy, convenient, labor-saving, and easier to operate and maintain.

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner, the function introduction of each component

  1. Vacuum

The impeller of the vacuum cleaner fan is driven by the motor at high speed, and the air in the impeller is discharged out of the fan at a high speed. The air in the dust suction part is continuously supplemented into the fan, forming a higher pressure difference with the outside. The dust and dirt of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust suction part with the air , Through the leaking device, collect dust and dirt in the dust cylinder.

  1. The original vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an assembled brush head, which can be used to clean floors and carpets. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a series of cleaning brushes and nozzles, which are convenient for cleaning corners, curtains, sofas, crevices, etc.

  1. Throat

Suction cleaners will be equipped with hard hoses, which can be connected to soft hoses and accessories for cleaning.

  1. Electric brush

The cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner is a special accessory of the hybrid vacuum cleaner.

  1. Round brush head

The smaller nozzle can rotate 360° and can clean furniture, fine mesh fabrics, etc.

  1. Flat nozzle

Also known as the crevice nozzle, it is a slender, flat hard nozzle, very suitable for cleaning walls, radiant heaters, corners and shallow areas.

  1. Sweeping brush

It is made of long and soft bristles and is often used to clean curtains, walls, etc.

This blog mainly talks about Black friday vacuum deals 2020 in MOOSOO, and also adds some knowledge about vacuum cleaner maintenance and the working principle of the vacuum cleaner, and the function introduction of each component. I believe it can help you choose the vacuum cleaner that is most suitable for you.